Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weapon/Shield Shopping List for TSM

Weapons/Shields Shopping List for TSM

Alto's Transmog Weapon Shopping List for TSM 


Here is Alto's original auctionator list all i mainly did was get itemid for all items and then i grabbed all the "look-alike" models and grabbed the itemid for each of them as well. Quite a stunning array of transmog weapons.

Rul's Random Weapon Shopping List for TSM

This is a similar but slightly different weapon transmog shopping list, and again i took all items and input each one with itemid and grabbed any "look-alike" model and added with itemid as well. Great list.
Powerword: Gold was the one that took his original basic list and made an auctionator list with it in the comments section of Rul's post i linked above.

Phat Lewts' Shield Transmog Shopping List for TSM

Again, i took all the shields listed on Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog at http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/2012/02/auctionating-mogging-shields.html. I added each one by hand by itemid and each one that had a "look-alike" model i grabbed and added by itemid.

I have decided to take my personal list of extra items their weapons list and combine them all together for this list which isn't really that large since most of us have many multiples.

If you want to change these up the best option is to trim since i have added more than enough weapons and shields, but there is always more and you can add to it, but you can also go through the list once you import it and just browse and delete anything you don't want to bother selling. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them on this blog in the comments section below.

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  1. Well done!

    You....complete me.


  2. Just used this for the first time today, really liked your comprehensive list. Considering splitting it into 2 lists as the results are kind of a pain to sort through, but great comprehensive good looking weapons, Beautiful.

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