Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shannon's Simplified Shenanigans

This is a short post basically a reference point to import Keelhaul's Transmogrification picks into a TSM shopping list. No tier's as we can still use his website for reference to the tiers. This my friends is simply one hunk of code i got from Raistlan of US-Proudmoore(A) on the Consortium forums of The code i noticed had some faults such as if you copy and pasted it you would end up with spaces in the numbers making TSM skip the item and move on and possibly miss other items as well, so i just took every number and made one huge shopping list with no errors. So make sure to check out Keelhaul's website for more information on the breakdown of "Tiers" of his opinion on the hierarchy of basically a pricing guide to use as reference. I will be coming out with actual fun stuff that i want to cover soon....(be patient)

TSM Shopping List for Cloth, Mail and Plate combined into one simpile search (enjoy #winkwinknudgenudge):

(if you ever copy and paste from a forum put the code into a notepad type program and simply doubleclick the lines of code if it doesn't highlight all of it you found a break in the code and then fix it accordingly)

Check out the Consortium on Stormspire for more information and check out Keelhaul's Website, Disenchanting Azeroth for a reference to his amazing "eye" for color and design, which created this hierarchy of the 3 types of gear for a reference to pricing the gear sets.

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