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Shannon's Shenangans Addon List

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Long Term VS Short Term Investment

Long Term VS Short Term Investments
In World of Warcraft

by Shannon Lasell

 Hello and i am very sorry for the lack of recent blog posts but i have a special article for you to read today about the difference of long term investment and short term investment and how that can effect your overall profit each day in and out of the auction house. I hear a lot of people complain about how some items do not sell very well and that it is not worth selling, whereas other items are worth selling because they sell very quickly and for a high amount of profit total NET. Now let us step back and think about the negative and positive side to thinking this way and then i will tell you my opinion on what is the best way to make the most profit based on these complaints and opinions of others.

 First i want to talk about what is considered a long term investment and what is considered a short term investment in my opinion. A long term investment means that you will buy an item or materials to craft an item knowing that the overall outcome will be indeed profitable with no doubt within a small margin for error and that this item will indeed knowingly sell within a long period of time, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, up to a few week. A short term investment means that you will buy an item or materials to craft an item knowing that the overall outcome will be indeed profitable with no doubt within a small margin for error and that this item will indeed knowingly sell within a short period of time, (usually within the same day or the next).

 I would go into exact items that are considered long and short term investments, however it decided to go more into why its important to learn about the 2 and how it effects your total earned profit per day/week/month. If you are receiving 20k a day from just shuffling ore and selling raw materials you might be happy with it cause you don't wake up with any left overs. But what if you took some of them and make enchant scrolls along with what you were selling every day and a few a day started selling throughout the week. This total possible profit that could be earned could turn into the equivalent of more markets with half the efforts since you only need to make long term investment items once or so a week but waking up to 30k a day instead of 20k sure is nice.

Long Term Investment ideas....
Phat Lewts of brought up the point of 77-80 twink gear and i would like to add that all leveling and twink gear in general are great investments for the long term, though some might have a larger profit margin than others.

Farli made a good point that even though an item might be short term during it's time doesn't mean that if you hold onto it for a long term period it will lose value or be any harder to sell. As he stated in his comment about Essence of Air and how the drop rate changed and its demand grew. When Supply decreases but demand increases then you have an item that has gained in value. More people should be aware of how long term and short term investments can effect the over all profit of said item. 

Short Term Investment ideas...
  • Glyphs
  • Trade Goods
    • Elementals
    • Cloth
    • Leather
    • Metal & Stone
    • Meat
    • Herbs
    • Enchanting Materials
    • Jewelcrafting Raw Gems
    • Engineering Parts
  • Item Enhancements
    • Cut Gems
    • Enchanting Scrolls
      • BoA
      • Twink
      • Current Raiding
  • Consumables
  • Alchemy Transmutes  Phat Lewts of ( )
Phat Lewts of   gave us his idea about short term investment by bringing up uses for Alchemy such as transmutes. I could see in my opinion the use of transmute elementals, gems and bars being all valid short term investment ideas and is indeed a profitable profession ability in general.

Blog Post Submission Noobness.

I would like your ideas and input so i can quickly edit and update the post to add yourself and your opinion on the subject. All you need to do is leave a comment titled somewhere in the comments below,  "Long Term Submission" or "Short Term Submission" with your idea of what else should be added and any other comments or thoughts.

Reader Submissions

Phat LewtsMay 15, 2012 7:05 AM
Long Term Submission:

77-80 twink gear. Although it sells pretty regularly, you need a large amount of stock before you get daily sales.

I also feel like Alchemy cooldowns should be somewhere in there, most likely short term, although truegold has been suggested many a time as an inflation buster for MoP.

Side rant: Power leveling any profession to 525 is a "long term" investment. You don't make all your gold back in one sitting, and most of it will be made over a (very) long period of time.

farli May 17, 2012 1:33 AM

Trade Goods elementals

Think of Essence of Air during wotlk you could farm up 80-90 per hour now its more like 10-15 per hour. Drop rates change.
Eternal Earth was going for around 1g each in wotlk now i sell it for 30-50g.
Primal Air (primal might), Living Essence (engi toad)

Holding on to this sort of material can really pay off as long as there is still a use for the item.