Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's New In Gold Making for MoP?

What's New In Gold Making for MoP?


I have been struggling with leveling a Death Knight and gearing him for PVP and Raiding while leveling my warlock who was moved to a new server alone with only Enchanting and Tailoring. My Death Knight hs some other lvl 85 toons to help make gold. The real trick is to get all your craters to level 90 though. 

My main gold maker honestly is Tailoring and Enchanting. I am still forced to farm the Embersilk since hte price is so high due to the need for bags. the best and cheapest/easiest bags to get for the quantity of items you can fit in inventory and banks are Embersilk Bags and Illusionary Bags. Now the Illusionary Bags aren't so bad because you can make as many Dream Cloth as you want with Chaos Orbs since the Destruction Dream Cloth has no CD. The cloth is easily farmed with a Potion of Treasure Finding which these days are cheap and easy to make as well. the bags on my server sell for about 2.5k gold to 4k gold. Embersilk Bags themselves sell for around 300g-400g. Now as a Tailor you have access to an endless supply of cheap as hell Windwool Cloth which can be used to create all sorts of greens to D/E for Enchanting materials which can be used to sell raw or make enchant scrolls. I suggest doint some research on all mat prices and finished crafted items before deciding what to sell and at what price.

My inscriptionist is making plenty of the Fortune Cards themselves using a crafty barking method (Advertisement)  i learned from PowerWordGold.net. These "scratch off tickets" sell for about 8-15g each and are easily able to obtain or make for a cheap price. The rest is making sure to learn new glyphs to make while you chekc the market each day to find cheap glyphs to reset the price and make a killing off.

Mining has been helping me out a lot with JC but i haven't done much with it yet, if you have any ideas on what would be helpful with Mining and JC please send me your ideas or links to your blog with the idea.

Friday, October 5, 2012

MoP Weapons Shopping Lists To Flip

MoP Weapons Shopping Lists To Flip

I have put together a few simple shopping lists you can import to TSM to help you with finding the right gear to flip. These items are mainly for starting levelers going into the new zones of Pandaria.

For this first list I suggest not to spend more than 50g* for most of these items and try to not post too many at a time. I suggest  trying to post over 150g* for not at least, if someone is selling them cheaper for say 80g*, then post just 1 at 199g* or so and wait for the other to sell out (this is one of many ways to try and reset a market).

Uncommon (Green) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 364+ (Level 83-85)

This next list is worth a bit more than the above list but are still wanted and needed just as much. I would start pricing these at least around 200g* to start with. Make sure again not to spend more than say 50g* or so on each item to ensure profit from flipping.

Rare (Blue) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 433+ (Level 83-85)

Now this lovely list of weapons is a bit more special than the last two because of it's special nature. The Quality is Rare and the item level is 409 (much higher than the normal leveling gear that drops in MoP). They are only level 80, which means these are worth a ton of gold to the "Twinks" (PvP people that stop experience gain to stay at a specific level for battlegrounds and other PvP related activities).

I would start pricing these around 750g-1,000g*. Don't get anxious to buy them up though. I wouldn't spend more than 100-200g at most for one of these to flip, due to the special nature of the weapons. These might not sell fast but will make you a good profit if you are lucky.

Rare (Blue) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 409+ (Level 80)

Email: shannonlasell@gmail.com
Twitter: @shannonlasell
Blog: http://shannonlasell.blogspot.com/
Twitch Live Stream (forever teh noob): shannonlasell/twitch.tv

* (prices will vary based on what type of realm and population size)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Farming To Increase Profits

Farming To Increase Profits

During the time i have played wow as a gold maker i have found that crafting can be profitable and using addons to find out how much you should pay for each mat to make the most profit out of what you are crafting. I realized that some of the addons were very useful but i found myself sitting at the AH all day buying mats to craft more and more. I still have lots of mats sitting in my multiple banks awaiting my return so that i may use them to craft or sell in bulk as raw materials at a profitable margin.

This brings me to the part where i get out of the AH and the city and decide i need to stop spending so much especially for a  % of profit. What if..i know this sounds crazy and all but, what if i farmed the mats i needed to make all those scrolls and all those gems and all those glyphs or whatever it is i want to craft to make a few extra copper. Crazy i know, but it just so happens to work and it's not as bad as it sounds.  farming = (100% profit)  -  (time it took you) + (gold saved sitting at ah finding deals on mats). this is not a formula i would use in any strict manner but hey, looks good to me. When you return to the AH and you craft everything and get it all up on the AH you can spend that time you sit on the AH worrying about prices on mats, out and about farming up what is needed to keep the high profits coming in.

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to buy mats off the AH, but i am saying that you can save gold and increase profits by getting out and exploring Azeroth by farming.

If you have any great farming spots you would like share please leave a comment with what material it is and where it can be farmed at, along with any other details you can give such as where you got your info or possible requirements for said farming spots.

A few farming spots i can think of is for starters, Silithus which not only has some great rare spawns to farm transmog gear on the entire map but North West corner at The Crystal Vale, where you can kill air elementals to get Essence of Air which is needed for enchanting to make the BOA,  [Enchanting: Enchant Weapon - Agility]. I also enjoy taking a treasure potion and farming in Uldum just west of where you spawn from taking the portal over at Orsis where many air elementals are located. It is a really nice place to farm Volatile Earth at. Both of these materials i have mentioned can be produced by using an Alchemist's Transmutes however the Water to Air transmute is a waste in my opinion unless you have multiple Alchemists as it uses up your daily cooldown on transmute. The Volatile Air can be obtained from  [Alchemy: Transmute: Living Elements] by taking 15 Volatile Life and casting your transmute: living elements while on the map of Uldum however you will only get about 15 each time sometimes more sometimes less. I feel this is another waste as i can farm up 40-50+ Volatile Air in one hour of farming at Orsis.

I hope you enjoyed this short tid bit on farming for profit. If you enjoyed it and would like to see me in motion and hard at... *cough cough* work you can find me streaming once in a while at twitch.tv/shannonlasell. Make sure to leave a comment and follow my blog here on Blogger.com and to follow me as well on twitch.tv and twitter.com as well @shannonlasell. Thanks and have a great day/night.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rare Mob by ID list for NPCSCAN addon

Rare Mob by ID list for _npcscan.lua

Download _npcscan addon if you don't have it already. You can download it here at Curse (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/npcscan). Once downloaded start going over the steps below to add all rare spawn mobs (to the best of my knowledge is complete and accurate but could be missing a few as there are a lot of rare spawns in the old world).

_npcscan.lua (copy/paste code below to add all rare spawns to _npcscan)

Adding Rare Spawn mobs to _npcscan:

  1. Copy Code above in the text box.
  2. Open up World of Warcraft Folder and locate: WTF then Account folder then select the account, server and then the character you want to have the list (repeat for multiple toons).
  3. Now open up the SavedVariables folder and select _npcscan.lua file and open it with notepad or a simple text editor.
  4. Select all the text in the file and delete it and replace with the above code.
  5. Now save file.
  6. You now have the rare spawn list added to the specific character you used during the process steps above in Npcscan.

Making sure you don't ever cache another rare spawn after finding one:

  1. Log into Word of Warcraft and make sure you are not near any Rare mob npcs before continuing with the next steps below.
  2. Now log out of World of Warcraft and make sure the login screen or anything is up. (close up all WoW related windows)
  3. Open up "World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS" (enEU if you are playing on EU servers).
  4. Delete the file named "creaturecache.wdb".
  5. Now log into World of Warcraft.
  6. Now Exit World of Warcraft (this creates a new "creaturecache.wdb" file in the folder.
  7. Right click the file "creaturecache.wdb" and open Properties.
  8. Select the check box "Read-Only" and make sure it is checked.
  9. Now hit apply in the Properties and exit the Properties for that file.
  10. Open up World of Warcraft and start looking for rare npc mobs and happy hunting whatever it is you are looking for. =)

If you have any questions send an email to shannonlasell@gmail.com or send a private message on twitch.tv/shannonlasell if i am not currently streaming. I am more than happy to answer any questions while i stream on Twitch.tv/shannonlasell and i hope this information was useful. Enjoy and Kill some Horde or...i guess if you want Alliance but i would not recommend doing so as the Gnomes are short tempered and might stab your ankles.

email: shannonlasell@gmail.com
twitter: @shannonlasell
blog: shannonlasell.blogspot.com
twitch.tv (Live Stream): twitch.tv/shannonlasell

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shannon's Addon List

Shannon's Shenangans Addon List

mail opener
mr plow
reagent restocker
recipeprofit (for gathermate2)
the undermine journal GE
trade forwarder
tradeskillmaster accouting
tradeskillmaster auctionDB
tradeskillmaster auctioning
tradeskillmaster crafting
tradeskillmaster destroying
tradeskillmaster itemtracker
tradeskillmaster mailing
tradeskillmaster shipping
tradeskillmaster warehousing

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long Term VS Short Term Investment

Long Term VS Short Term Investments
In World of Warcraft

by Shannon Lasell

 Hello and i am very sorry for the lack of recent blog posts but i have a special article for you to read today about the difference of long term investment and short term investment and how that can effect your overall profit each day in and out of the auction house. I hear a lot of people complain about how some items do not sell very well and that it is not worth selling, whereas other items are worth selling because they sell very quickly and for a high amount of profit total NET. Now let us step back and think about the negative and positive side to thinking this way and then i will tell you my opinion on what is the best way to make the most profit based on these complaints and opinions of others.

 First i want to talk about what is considered a long term investment and what is considered a short term investment in my opinion. A long term investment means that you will buy an item or materials to craft an item knowing that the overall outcome will be indeed profitable with no doubt within a small margin for error and that this item will indeed knowingly sell within a long period of time, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, up to a few week. A short term investment means that you will buy an item or materials to craft an item knowing that the overall outcome will be indeed profitable with no doubt within a small margin for error and that this item will indeed knowingly sell within a short period of time, (usually within the same day or the next).

 I would go into exact items that are considered long and short term investments, however it decided to go more into why its important to learn about the 2 and how it effects your total earned profit per day/week/month. If you are receiving 20k a day from just shuffling ore and selling raw materials you might be happy with it cause you don't wake up with any left overs. But what if you took some of them and make enchant scrolls along with what you were selling every day and a few a day started selling throughout the week. This total possible profit that could be earned could turn into the equivalent of more markets with half the efforts since you only need to make long term investment items once or so a week but waking up to 30k a day instead of 20k sure is nice.

Long Term Investment ideas....
Phat Lewts of http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/ brought up the point of 77-80 twink gear and i would like to add that all leveling and twink gear in general are great investments for the long term, though some might have a larger profit margin than others.

Farli made a good point that even though an item might be short term during it's time doesn't mean that if you hold onto it for a long term period it will lose value or be any harder to sell. As he stated in his comment about Essence of Air and how the drop rate changed and its demand grew. When Supply decreases but demand increases then you have an item that has gained in value. More people should be aware of how long term and short term investments can effect the over all profit of said item. 

Short Term Investment ideas...
  • Glyphs
  • Trade Goods
    • Elementals
    • Cloth
    • Leather
    • Metal & Stone
    • Meat
    • Herbs
    • Enchanting Materials
    • Jewelcrafting Raw Gems
    • Engineering Parts
  • Item Enhancements
    • Cut Gems
    • Enchanting Scrolls
      • BoA
      • Twink
      • Current Raiding
  • Consumables
  • Alchemy Transmutes  Phat Lewts of ( http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/ )
Phat Lewts of http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/   gave us his idea about short term investment by bringing up uses for Alchemy such as transmutes. I could see in my opinion the use of transmute elementals, gems and bars being all valid short term investment ideas and is indeed a profitable profession ability in general.

Blog Post Submission Noobness.

I would like your ideas and input so i can quickly edit and update the post to add yourself and your opinion on the subject. All you need to do is leave a comment titled somewhere in the comments below,  "Long Term Submission" or "Short Term Submission" with your idea of what else should be added and any other comments or thoughts.

Reader Submissions

Phat LewtsMay 15, 2012 7:05 AM
Long Term Submission:

77-80 twink gear. Although it sells pretty regularly, you need a large amount of stock before you get daily sales.

I also feel like Alchemy cooldowns should be somewhere in there, most likely short term, although truegold has been suggested many a time as an inflation buster for MoP.

Side rant: Power leveling any profession to 525 is a "long term" investment. You don't make all your gold back in one sitting, and most of it will be made over a (very) long period of time.

farli May 17, 2012 1:33 AM

Trade Goods elementals

Think of Essence of Air during wotlk you could farm up 80-90 per hour now its more like 10-15 per hour. Drop rates change.
Eternal Earth was going for around 1g each in wotlk now i sell it for 30-50g.
Primal Air (primal might), Living Essence (engi toad)

Holding on to this sort of material can really pay off as long as there is still a use for the item.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transmog Shopping List's For TSM

Transmog Shopping List's For TSM (Trade Skill Master) Addon

Some items in the code are from http://www.clockworkriot.com/ Faid and some are from the Keelhaul tier list made for Auctionator i put into a TSM list properly. If any questions or concerns please feel free to comment and tell your friends about how amazing and good looking i am.

How to import shopping lists in TSM:

Step 1: open TSM ( /tsm) and click on Shopping Options
Step 2: Click Shopping Lists to open the import settings on the left side of TSM

Step 3: Click on the Import Shopping List button and input the code i have given below into the required field and name it accordingly.

Step 4: Press accept in both fields and press the import button to complete the import process.

Step 5: Browse through the list to see what you want to remove.

Step 6:  If you have a lot of competition on your server for Transmogrification you might want to stick to only Legs and Chest pieces so going through this list and removing items might be more beneficial other wise keep it the way it is and just buy what you want once you search.

Step 7: Now go to the Auction House and open the TSM tab on the far bottom right. At the top you will see a button called "Show Saved Searches" click that to open your lists you have either created or imported. Now just click the list name in the window frame "Shopping/Dealfinding Lists" to begin searching for your beautiful shiny treasures. 


Leather Transmog Shopping List:

Cloth Transmog Shopping List:

Mail Transmog Shopping List:

Plate Transmog Shopping List:

Weapons & Shield Shopping List:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Taking a Break....

Taking a Break from live-streaming and blogging.
I am sad to report that my streams are not interesting or not timed properly so that viewers can see more than 1. i think the fact that there are so many gold making streams now and they stream 24/7 is hard enough for viewers to catch, let alone see multiple channels. i will focus on the blog when i come back and make educational videos....as far as live-streaming if you want to see me stream again leave a comment below. i can make a schedule i can show specific material related to WoW/Gold Making.

Honestly i am feeling a struggle in the community and maybe its just me not ever being apart of it like i wanted, either way i am taking a break to straighten things out and figure out what i want to do. i have important people in my life to focus on right now but hopefully things will get sorted out sooner than later.

I very much enjoyed streaming for you all and honestly miss seeing everyone hanging out. I had a great time and hope i helped some players learn some strategies to making gold in WoW. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Professions 101 For Profit: Alchemy

Professions 101 For Profit:
Alchemy with Shannon's Shenanigans


 Alchemy is a profession that requires mostly Herbs which can be obtained from Herbalism among other miscellaneous materials. Alchemy uses these materials to create a variety of items in the game.


 Elixirs are made using mainly Herbs around the same Level of the Elixir being made. These Elixirs provide a variety  buffs which last for a long duration for the character when consumed, however these effects do not last  when the character dies. The benefit of Elixirs are that they have 2 seperate categories of which both can be consumed to obtain 2 seperate buffs for the character. The categories are Guardian Elixir and the other is Battle Elixir. A Guardian Elixir gives the character a defensive type buff, where as the Battle Elixir gives the character an offensive type buff and when combined properly can compliment eachother very well when fighting enemies.


 Flasks are made using mainly Herbs around the same Level of the Flasks being made. The Flasks provide a variety of strong buffs which will last after the character has died. Like the Elixirs the Flasks offer a long buff duration, however unlike the Elixirs there is only one category and so only one Flask at any given time may be used on the Character.


 Potions are made using mainly Herbs around the same Level of the Potions. Potions provide a short duration buff but offer a extremely useful and strong buff for many in combat and out of combat situations.


 Transmute is an ability Alchemists have that can take one material and convert it into another material. There are specific Transmutes that Alchemists can learn which can do a number of actions. Alchemists can Transmute Bars created from Smelting Ore (Smelting is an ability Miners have to turn Ore into Bars) and Several different Elemental materials as well. Alchemists can also Transmute  Raw Gems (Gems can be obtained by the process of Prospecting using Jewelcrafting) into higher quality Raw Gems.
 Alchemists can currently learn the skill Mixology which makes the effects of Flasks/Elixirs/Potions last longer and more effective. Alchemists can also create their own Trinkets which are created to improve the Character's stats as far as gear goes and also increase the effects of Flasks/Elixirs/Potsions.
 Alchemists currently have 3 specializations they can choose from, such as Elixirs (and Flasks), Potions or Transmutation. These specializations help increase the chance of a extra creation of the item of the specialization.

Making Gold with Alchemy

 Alchemy is not a very large market for making large amounts of gold but it is reliable since it is needed for many Raids and in some cases PVP. Making Flasks especially with main stats and putting up on the AH is going to help you out the most from what i have seen. The other option to making gold that most other do is Transmute. Transmute is great but can take over life quickly. I hear all the time about multiple Alchemists and this is a great idea....if you already have all of the other professions and it is purely exxtra profession. (i personally would go for JC for more cuts per day still). Transmuting can help with taking those uncommon gems from Cata Shuffling and making them into Rare Gem quality which i have said in the past main stats sell the best. You can also transmute bars such as Pyrium Bars these are usually much more than double the price of the ore but all servers prices will vary.

Leveling Alchemy

 Leveling Alchemy can be tricky as any profession can be so i decided to use my favorite source to help me minimize time/waste and i will also be adding my own take on leveling as far as how to make gold while leveling Alchemy.

 I love www.wow-professions.com and always use it as a source for the amount of items i need to properly level a profession. I suggest you go to Alchemy Leveling Guide 1 - 525 to get started on Leveling however i want you to know my take on risks and benefits of leveling Alchemy and how you can help yourself out by making gold on leveling Alchemy

 4I recommend if you are Leveling a new toon to pick Herbalism and Mining till you hit atleast level 40 and then drop Mining and then pick up Alchemy and use the saved up Herbs to level your Alchemy. Sell the materials you received on the AH or to someone you know will buy them. I personally would wait till you hit max level or close to it before dropping the other gathering profession as you gain Experience from Gathering Herbs/Ore from nodes and you Have more gold from the Mining as well.

 Note: If you plan on buying all the materials to quickly level the profession make sure not to go ahead and buy all the materials needed to level the profession all at once since you aren't 100% sure if you need that exact amount, you might get lucky or unlucky with the amount needed to continue leveling.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Professions 101 For Profit: Jewelcrafting

Professions 101 For Profit:
Jewelcrafting with Shannon's Shenanigans

Tips for leveling Jewelcrafting:
  • Have a character with Mining so you don't have to buy expensive Ore if you cannot afford it.
  • Powerleveling Jewelcrafting will cost you anywhere from 10k - 20k (i have spent 12k doing this)
  • Prospecting is an ability Jewelcrafters have which destroys (gathers gems) 5 of the same Common Ore (uncommon ore cannot be Destroyed to gather gems). This is key to gathering the gems needed to level up Jewelcrafting.
  • Never go and just buy all materials needed at once. Get enough mats to level up to the next learned ability for Jewelcrafting
  • Jewelcrafting Designs for each type of raw gem is an ability that the Jewelcrafter uses to cut the raw gems into a specific cut to make them gem a socket-able gem. Each design for these gems create specific statistics which can be used to socket gear.
  • Sockets in gear/weapons have specific colors which a lot of the time mean when matched give a socket bonus. This bonus will increase a specific statistic for the gear on top of what the socketed gem provided. An orange cut gem could be used in a yellow socket to get a socket bonus if specified to use a yellow gem. Cut gems do not need to match the socket colors and still can be used to get desired statistics but in some cases the desired result comes from matching gems to the socket bonus colors.
 Use online resources to help in your journey to leveling any profession. I suggest using  WoW-Professions.com to get a descent detailed list of materials you will need as well as finding out where to go if you need to farm at all. It is my favorite site for leveling professions and honestly it is all you really need.

Making Gold with Jewelcrafting:

Prospecting Ore in Stormwind City
 Jewelcrafting is a great way to make a descent gold profit, however you should be aware that you are limited untill you learn specific cuts. You can learn specific cuts from vendors in both Dalaran and Stormwind City/Orgrimmar. In Dalaran you will find that you will need specific items to purchase Designs to cut the gems into desired cut gems. These items are called Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token. You can receive these tokens by completing daily quests in Dalaran where the Jewelcrafing Trainer is located. As for the  Stormwind City/Orgrimmar items needed again you will have to head to the Jewelcrafting Trainer to complete daily quests to receive Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token

Now that i have that information out of the way, which by the way, is all very relevant in making gold aside from needing to level Jewelcrafting.

So for now since we are still in Cataclysm waiting to be cute booty shakin' Panda Monks, we will focus on the daily quests at either  Stormwind City or Orgrimmar. These daily quests need to be done each day in order to get more useful designs needed to sell on the AH for considerably large profits. I would like to point out that when getting started to stick to getting the Inferno Ruby Cuts first and pay attention the best selling gem cuts on the market for other types of Cataclysm rare gems. I am not going to tell you which cuts to get but rather to do your homework as always. The Inferno Ruby market is always great for profit since they offer the main statistics for all classes, such as: Strength, Agility and Intellect.

Remember when you had to get 3 of the same type of uncommon gem to complete your daily quest? Well you aren't the only one doing so. I like to try getting rid of my Zephryite raw gems in stacks of 3 on the day when they are needed. If you don't plan on shuffling or don't have an enchanter then use up the other uncommon gems as well be sure to cut at least 3 of each uncommon gem to  more popular cuts to sell on the AH. (basically shuffling is breaking down raw materials into more useful materials to create other crafted items which can be done many different ways and i will cover this in detail at another time.)

There are many great resources on "Shuffling" and ways to calculate the risk of buying ore, especially Cataclysm ore on the internet but i will leave you with my opinion again. My opinion on risk is if you can quickly and roughly calculate a large profit from buying the gems and prospecting, cutting/crafting/disenchanting and whatever else you can think of doing with it, then buy the ore and buy lots of it, other wise, don't bother at that moment.

Always be patient and never rush sales the sooner you try selling the worst the prices will be and that could cause flooding in the market. (flooding is the ability to not care about your market and take a large dump on other people in that market that hold off on posting more than a few of each item at a time. 

In conclusion this is my simple but long guide to Jewelcrafting for Gold Makers in World of Warcraft. I hope you enjoyed it and it was useful. If you feel you have any questions/comments/concerns just email me at shannonlasell@gmail.com. You can also follow me on twitter @shannonlasell. 

email: shannonlasell@gmail.com
twitter: @shannonlasell
blog: shannonlasell.blogspot.com
twitch.tv (Live Stream): twitch.tv/shannonlasell

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weapon/Shield Shopping List for TSM

Weapons/Shields Shopping List for TSM

Alto's Transmog Weapon Shopping List for TSM 


Here is Alto's original auctionator list all i mainly did was get itemid for all items and then i grabbed all the "look-alike" models and grabbed the itemid for each of them as well. Quite a stunning array of transmog weapons.

Rul's Random Weapon Shopping List for TSM

This is a similar but slightly different weapon transmog shopping list, and again i took all items and input each one with itemid and grabbed any "look-alike" model and added with itemid as well. Great list.
Powerword: Gold was the one that took his original basic list and made an auctionator list with it in the comments section of Rul's post i linked above.

Phat Lewts' Shield Transmog Shopping List for TSM

Again, i took all the shields listed on Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog at http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/2012/02/auctionating-mogging-shields.html. I added each one by hand by itemid and each one that had a "look-alike" model i grabbed and added by itemid.

I have decided to take my personal list of extra items their weapons list and combine them all together for this list which isn't really that large since most of us have many multiples.

If you want to change these up the best option is to trim since i have added more than enough weapons and shields, but there is always more and you can add to it, but you can also go through the list once you import it and just browse and delete anything you don't want to bother selling. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them on this blog in the comments section below.

Thank You for reading my blog and i hope you check out my live-stream and follow me on twitter, i aim to entertain my audience and offer knowledge wherever i can be of assistance.

email: shannonlasell@gmail.com
twitter: @shannonlasell
blog: http://shannonlasell.blogspot.com/
twitch live-stream: shannonlasell/twitch.tv

To Control a Market, Or Not Control...

To Control a Market, Or Not Control...
...that is the question.
 Controlling a market is not as easy as some make it sound. First of all, if you actually plan on controlling a market, you need to know the market you are controlling and know it well. Don't try controlling the whole market all at once either. You are probably asking many questions at this point, or have many comments, so let me dig deeper and describe what i am talking about a bit more.

 First you want to watch and research the market you plan on controlling. Check to see how many others are actually in the market a good 2 week study will tell you all you need and using TUJ (The Undermine Journal) helps a lot with this.

 Second of all you need to realize if you want to control a specific market, that you don't want to control the item itself you are targeting, you want to control the source of the item you are targeting, if possible. Don't try to take over a major market try for a small portion of a market first and work your way into the market. It might be better to only control only small portions of certain major markets as well.

 Third is deception. You need to make the item you are controlling seem rare and not easy to get. Don't ever flood any market. What i mean by flooding a market is, over-posting/listing items you want to sell on the AH. Try to keep it to a minimum so that the new reset price you will be controlling seems more reasonable to buyers.

"Don't be skurred"
 So now that i have the steps of controlling a market in place let's talk about it more, because this is a set-up for failure. So what do you look for when researching the market you want to control? See the price difference of a 2 week span of whatever market it is you want to control and see who were the main contributors to the posted/sold items. Look out for unusual behavior such as always posting for a certain amounts, even when the average price of the item is much higher. Such unusual behavior shows you right away that you most likely won't be able to control the market because you cannot control another players behavior no matter how weird it might seem to you, you can't do anything about what someone else wants to do. (Learned this type of thought process of knowing you cannot control basic human behavior from Powerword: Gold)

 As far as controlling the targeted market you want to control, let's say gems to keep it simple and in my ballpark of reasoning since i am fairly new to gold making still. So, how do you control this huge constant mass of gems incoming and outgoing? You watch/research the Ore needed to prospect to make the gems and also watch the raw gems. Now in cases such as bots farming ore, you cannot control the ore itself since it is massive enough as is, so your next plan other than buying as much as you can afford, within budget you set for yourself, is to control the raw gems that are needed to cut the gems that are the targeted market. Now this is fairly easy to do with gems, but i assure you it is not an easy task in other markets. I have started trying out Glyphs and even though i joke with a friend that i will control this market i have high doubts that i will be able to succeed. Why do i have doubts? Glyph market has many more items to watch and there is many ways to create the glyphs so to cut off the source i would have to watch all herbs, pigments and inks needed to make all 300+ glyphs available currently in patch 4.3.

 My conclusion to controlling markets is that, it can be done, but is not very easy and in some cases just not possible now matter what the market is due to uncommon variables that can and will occur. So do you research and watch the market closely and make sure you can do it before you jump into it. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Journey To Gold Cap

Journey To Gold Cap

It has been a while since i have posted my total gold aquired in my journey to gold cap. I feel like i have learned a few valuable lessons as i have gone further into gold making. I will have to say if you plan on making large amounts of gold then addons are key. 

My auction house addons are:
(will add links in the future for now highlight name of addon and search at Curse.com)

  • TradeSkillMaster_Accounting
  • TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB
  • TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning
  • TradeSkillMaster_Crafting
  • TradeSkillMaster_Destroying
  • TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker
  • TradeSkillMaster_Mailing
  • TradeSkillMaster_Shopping
  • TradeSkillMaster_Warehousing

My other addons to help in gold making are:

Gathermate2 & Gathermate2Data
Handynotes (check out seperate modules for you own liking)
ItemID (not so important but nice if you need itemID for items on the fly)
Minimap Button Frame
The Undermine Journal GE
Trade Forwarder
RecipeProfit (For Gathermate2)

Now basically i keep Auctioneer around for tooltip information but if you spend time to learn can be handy, however Auctionator has most of Auctioneer functions and is easier to use. Auctionator is a new comers basic addon for gold making (in my opinion). TradeSkillMaster on the otherhand does everything and is amazing if you learn how to use it. 

TradeSkillMaster can be confusing so i will give you a few links for reference. The Gold Queen has a post on her Gold Making Blog here http://www.thegoldqueen.com/addons/trade-skill-master/. Clockworkriot (Faidtastic, NerfFaids) has a great guide on TSM here http://www.clockworkriot.com/2012/03/tsm-guide-videos.html

For all 3 auction house addons here is a quick basic guide on Powerwordgold.net http://www.powerwordgold.net/2011/04/using-tradeskillmaster-auctioneer-and.html

If you have any questions on my addons i use for gold making/farming, please leave a comment below and i will get back and respond as soon as i can.

Thank you for reading this post/addon list and be sure to subscribe to my 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mists Of Pandaria Hype - What You Can Do

Mists Of Pandaria Hype 
What You Can Do  

My Thoughts on Mists of Pandaria press release of March 19 @ 3am.

 I honestly didn't see a whole lot that was interesting for gold makers. I suppose AOE loot system is going to make things easier and we know many are going to start leveling classes like Druids so maybe make a little extra on glyphs before MoP comes. I think that they presented a lot of information about MoP and it is all very exiting, such as the farm we will have of our own with our own little shack to live in, lol. The farm is very nice and you can plant items for cooking and consumables and they are thinking of letting you grow "pets" in the garden.

I would like to ad that preparing for MoP does not necessarily mean stockpile. (edit)

 What you should know. MoP is close now, so we need to prepare for it and we have some good ideas on how to prepare for it.

  • Profession leveling kits
  • Gear/Weapon enhancements for leveling characters
  • Glyphs
  • Bags
  • Leveling your own toons and getting the professions you have wanted.
 These are a few things we can do to be ready for MoP. Profession leveling kits can be gathered up and held on to till MoP launches, this kit will contain everything needed to fully level said profession. (jack those prices up too). Item enhancements such as leather working armor, enchants, gems for low level gear and weapons as many will be leveling. While we are talking about leveling don't forget to be ready for the Glyph rush which will be insane. I wouldn't recommend diving into glyph market till you know what you are doing as many are already in the market and it is a cut throat section to be apart of, so go test your skills now. Bags!!!! This is and has been a great way to liquidize your gold you currently have such as materials for making bags or holding onto the actual bags themselves which can save you some room, but take risk of materials being sold better or for more later on.

 This is a great time to level your own character('s) and prepare for MoP if you don't have all professions or would like to have an extra alchemist (which is viable if you have all other professions, but i find silly). 

 I think MoP is exiting and we have lots to do, but as far as new strategies or ways to make gold i am at a road block with what we were given for information. If you liked reading and would like to continue to read my blog posts or watch my live-streams just follow by subscribing to my blog's feed which i will begin leaving an xml version of my feed at the end of all posts. Have a great day and please leave a comment below with complaints, concerns, questions or telling me how amazing i am.


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Journey To Gold Cap

Journey To Gold Cap

 So i have gotten past the 100k barrier, but i found myself handing myself my own achievement and to celebrate i showed off and handed out gold left and right. I could easily be at 150k or even 200k right now. But i have learned another good lesson in Gold Making and currency management in general. I actually think this game with some alterations could help the younger people get a somewhat simple idea of money management. Not saying it will be the greatest lesson but i know i found a similarity in Gold Making and trying to make it in the real world as a self employer living home alone barely making things work out to start my own home based income sources. I learned that always be versatile and stick with what works for you. If you do what everyone else does it's not gonna be the best way to sell or make a living in Azeroth or iRL.

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