Friday, October 5, 2012

MoP Weapons Shopping Lists To Flip

MoP Weapons Shopping Lists To Flip

I have put together a few simple shopping lists you can import to TSM to help you with finding the right gear to flip. These items are mainly for starting levelers going into the new zones of Pandaria.

For this first list I suggest not to spend more than 50g* for most of these items and try to not post too many at a time. I suggest  trying to post over 150g* for not at least, if someone is selling them cheaper for say 80g*, then post just 1 at 199g* or so and wait for the other to sell out (this is one of many ways to try and reset a market).

Uncommon (Green) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 364+ (Level 83-85)

This next list is worth a bit more than the above list but are still wanted and needed just as much. I would start pricing these at least around 200g* to start with. Make sure again not to spend more than say 50g* or so on each item to ensure profit from flipping.

Rare (Blue) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 433+ (Level 83-85)

Now this lovely list of weapons is a bit more special than the last two because of it's special nature. The Quality is Rare and the item level is 409 (much higher than the normal leveling gear that drops in MoP). They are only level 80, which means these are worth a ton of gold to the "Twinks" (PvP people that stop experience gain to stay at a specific level for battlegrounds and other PvP related activities).

I would start pricing these around 750g-1,000g*. Don't get anxious to buy them up though. I wouldn't spend more than 100-200g at most for one of these to flip, due to the special nature of the weapons. These might not sell fast but will make you a good profit if you are lucky.

Rare (Blue) Quality Weapons: Item  Level 409+ (Level 80)

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* (prices will vary based on what type of realm and population size)

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