Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weapon/Shield Shopping List for TSM

Weapons/Shields Shopping List for TSM

Alto's Transmog Weapon Shopping List for TSM 


Here is Alto's original auctionator list all i mainly did was get itemid for all items and then i grabbed all the "look-alike" models and grabbed the itemid for each of them as well. Quite a stunning array of transmog weapons.

Rul's Random Weapon Shopping List for TSM

This is a similar but slightly different weapon transmog shopping list, and again i took all items and input each one with itemid and grabbed any "look-alike" model and added with itemid as well. Great list.
Powerword: Gold was the one that took his original basic list and made an auctionator list with it in the comments section of Rul's post i linked above.

Phat Lewts' Shield Transmog Shopping List for TSM

Again, i took all the shields listed on Phat Lewts' WoW Gold Blog at http://www.phatlewtsgold.net/2012/02/auctionating-mogging-shields.html. I added each one by hand by itemid and each one that had a "look-alike" model i grabbed and added by itemid.

I have decided to take my personal list of extra items their weapons list and combine them all together for this list which isn't really that large since most of us have many multiples.

If you want to change these up the best option is to trim since i have added more than enough weapons and shields, but there is always more and you can add to it, but you can also go through the list once you import it and just browse and delete anything you don't want to bother selling. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them on this blog in the comments section below.

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To Control a Market, Or Not Control...

To Control a Market, Or Not Control...
...that is the question.
 Controlling a market is not as easy as some make it sound. First of all, if you actually plan on controlling a market, you need to know the market you are controlling and know it well. Don't try controlling the whole market all at once either. You are probably asking many questions at this point, or have many comments, so let me dig deeper and describe what i am talking about a bit more.

 First you want to watch and research the market you plan on controlling. Check to see how many others are actually in the market a good 2 week study will tell you all you need and using TUJ (The Undermine Journal) helps a lot with this.

 Second of all you need to realize if you want to control a specific market, that you don't want to control the item itself you are targeting, you want to control the source of the item you are targeting, if possible. Don't try to take over a major market try for a small portion of a market first and work your way into the market. It might be better to only control only small portions of certain major markets as well.

 Third is deception. You need to make the item you are controlling seem rare and not easy to get. Don't ever flood any market. What i mean by flooding a market is, over-posting/listing items you want to sell on the AH. Try to keep it to a minimum so that the new reset price you will be controlling seems more reasonable to buyers.

"Don't be skurred"
 So now that i have the steps of controlling a market in place let's talk about it more, because this is a set-up for failure. So what do you look for when researching the market you want to control? See the price difference of a 2 week span of whatever market it is you want to control and see who were the main contributors to the posted/sold items. Look out for unusual behavior such as always posting for a certain amounts, even when the average price of the item is much higher. Such unusual behavior shows you right away that you most likely won't be able to control the market because you cannot control another players behavior no matter how weird it might seem to you, you can't do anything about what someone else wants to do. (Learned this type of thought process of knowing you cannot control basic human behavior from Powerword: Gold)

 As far as controlling the targeted market you want to control, let's say gems to keep it simple and in my ballpark of reasoning since i am fairly new to gold making still. So, how do you control this huge constant mass of gems incoming and outgoing? You watch/research the Ore needed to prospect to make the gems and also watch the raw gems. Now in cases such as bots farming ore, you cannot control the ore itself since it is massive enough as is, so your next plan other than buying as much as you can afford, within budget you set for yourself, is to control the raw gems that are needed to cut the gems that are the targeted market. Now this is fairly easy to do with gems, but i assure you it is not an easy task in other markets. I have started trying out Glyphs and even though i joke with a friend that i will control this market i have high doubts that i will be able to succeed. Why do i have doubts? Glyph market has many more items to watch and there is many ways to create the glyphs so to cut off the source i would have to watch all herbs, pigments and inks needed to make all 300+ glyphs available currently in patch 4.3.

 My conclusion to controlling markets is that, it can be done, but is not very easy and in some cases just not possible now matter what the market is due to uncommon variables that can and will occur. So do you research and watch the market closely and make sure you can do it before you jump into it. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Journey To Gold Cap

Journey To Gold Cap

It has been a while since i have posted my total gold aquired in my journey to gold cap. I feel like i have learned a few valuable lessons as i have gone further into gold making. I will have to say if you plan on making large amounts of gold then addons are key. 

My auction house addons are:
(will add links in the future for now highlight name of addon and search at Curse.com)

  • TradeSkillMaster_Accounting
  • TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB
  • TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning
  • TradeSkillMaster_Crafting
  • TradeSkillMaster_Destroying
  • TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker
  • TradeSkillMaster_Mailing
  • TradeSkillMaster_Shopping
  • TradeSkillMaster_Warehousing

My other addons to help in gold making are:

Gathermate2 & Gathermate2Data
Handynotes (check out seperate modules for you own liking)
ItemID (not so important but nice if you need itemID for items on the fly)
Minimap Button Frame
The Undermine Journal GE
Trade Forwarder
RecipeProfit (For Gathermate2)

Now basically i keep Auctioneer around for tooltip information but if you spend time to learn can be handy, however Auctionator has most of Auctioneer functions and is easier to use. Auctionator is a new comers basic addon for gold making (in my opinion). TradeSkillMaster on the otherhand does everything and is amazing if you learn how to use it. 

TradeSkillMaster can be confusing so i will give you a few links for reference. The Gold Queen has a post on her Gold Making Blog here http://www.thegoldqueen.com/addons/trade-skill-master/. Clockworkriot (Faidtastic, NerfFaids) has a great guide on TSM here http://www.clockworkriot.com/2012/03/tsm-guide-videos.html

For all 3 auction house addons here is a quick basic guide on Powerwordgold.net http://www.powerwordgold.net/2011/04/using-tradeskillmaster-auctioneer-and.html

If you have any questions on my addons i use for gold making/farming, please leave a comment below and i will get back and respond as soon as i can.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mists Of Pandaria Hype - What You Can Do

Mists Of Pandaria Hype 
What You Can Do  

My Thoughts on Mists of Pandaria press release of March 19 @ 3am.

 I honestly didn't see a whole lot that was interesting for gold makers. I suppose AOE loot system is going to make things easier and we know many are going to start leveling classes like Druids so maybe make a little extra on glyphs before MoP comes. I think that they presented a lot of information about MoP and it is all very exiting, such as the farm we will have of our own with our own little shack to live in, lol. The farm is very nice and you can plant items for cooking and consumables and they are thinking of letting you grow "pets" in the garden.

I would like to ad that preparing for MoP does not necessarily mean stockpile. (edit)

 What you should know. MoP is close now, so we need to prepare for it and we have some good ideas on how to prepare for it.

  • Profession leveling kits
  • Gear/Weapon enhancements for leveling characters
  • Glyphs
  • Bags
  • Leveling your own toons and getting the professions you have wanted.
 These are a few things we can do to be ready for MoP. Profession leveling kits can be gathered up and held on to till MoP launches, this kit will contain everything needed to fully level said profession. (jack those prices up too). Item enhancements such as leather working armor, enchants, gems for low level gear and weapons as many will be leveling. While we are talking about leveling don't forget to be ready for the Glyph rush which will be insane. I wouldn't recommend diving into glyph market till you know what you are doing as many are already in the market and it is a cut throat section to be apart of, so go test your skills now. Bags!!!! This is and has been a great way to liquidize your gold you currently have such as materials for making bags or holding onto the actual bags themselves which can save you some room, but take risk of materials being sold better or for more later on.

 This is a great time to level your own character('s) and prepare for MoP if you don't have all professions or would like to have an extra alchemist (which is viable if you have all other professions, but i find silly). 

 I think MoP is exiting and we have lots to do, but as far as new strategies or ways to make gold i am at a road block with what we were given for information. If you liked reading and would like to continue to read my blog posts or watch my live-streams just follow by subscribing to my blog's feed which i will begin leaving an xml version of my feed at the end of all posts. Have a great day and please leave a comment below with complaints, concerns, questions or telling me how amazing i am.


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Journey To Gold Cap

Journey To Gold Cap

 So i have gotten past the 100k barrier, but i found myself handing myself my own achievement and to celebrate i showed off and handed out gold left and right. I could easily be at 150k or even 200k right now. But i have learned another good lesson in Gold Making and currency management in general. I actually think this game with some alterations could help the younger people get a somewhat simple idea of money management. Not saying it will be the greatest lesson but i know i found a similarity in Gold Making and trying to make it in the real world as a self employer living home alone barely making things work out to start my own home based income sources. I learned that always be versatile and stick with what works for you. If you do what everyone else does it's not gonna be the best way to sell or make a living in Azeroth or iRL.

 I will be posting more of my adventures in the Auction House as i learn more about the in game economy and how many things effect how it turns out. Be sure to subscribe to my twitch.tv live-stream at shannonlasell/twitch.tv and subscribe to my Blog Feed and follow me on Twitter @shannonlasell. If you like my posts or live-streams let me know why you do or don't. I love feedback and want to educate and entertain everyone, my way.

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Me Pot O' Gold

Me Pot O' Gold

 Back with some more Shenanigans this time on St. Patrick's Day! How exiting is that do be reading my gold making tips on St. Patrick's Day? Because of this special occasion i would just like to point out that if you want to find that gold and your precious pot of gold, we all know what the real trick is, get your own pot o' gold and leave me' treasure alone. What does this have to do with what I'm writing about? Silly question, but i will answer that for you. World of Warcraft currency as many of us know is gold and the more we get the more we don't like to have others find the end of the rainbow, so to speak. But, many of times we find ourselves having issues reaching our goals we set each time we reach a previous goal. So we are going to talk about how to invest your pot of gold wisely and how to keep it hidden from others in order to reach our goals as leprechauns .

  So you enjoy your pot o' gold do ya? Have you found a way to make more gold than you are use to having? Do i ask too many questions that i answer before you have a chance to even communicate with me? OK, now your just being silly. I want to talk about investing gold wisely. If you have been doing well making gold in a specific market or 2-5, how ever many markets you are involved in, i want you to remember how you got to that goal you set for yourself. A lot of people get distracted by the large amount of gold when they first earn that 100k or 500k and either spend it outright, give it away to friends or guildies or think that now they can invest in new markets that have items that cost much more, like rare mounts and pets or other rare items such as WoW TCG loot cards, etc. Do you know these markets? If not i would advise you to do some of your own math and research before starting any new major projects involving your hard earned gold. I want to talk about those that you feel obligated to give away free gold to because you know them or like them or in any way shape or form feel guilty that you have enough gold to get whatever you want and they can't. This is a misconception and is why it is a good idea to keep your pot o' gold hidden and safe, since we leprechauns love our gold so much. (you totally read that with an Irish accent didn't you?)

 I recently pushed my ability to make gold harder by using all markets i know and working them all little by little together to earn large amounts of gold at once. I didn't go sell a TCG card or buy gold or run a farming bot. I basically used 3 main professions and craft/destroy items to maximize my profits and time trying to earn them. Now that i have spent a few weeks working at it i ended up at around 110k+ gold. I am telling you all this as some might already know, i have started giving away gold, making large gold bets with people and trying to get into large markets that require more gold to get into that i don't know enough about still. I might actually have 200k+ gold after a few weeks if i hadn't been so foolish.

 What have we learned today? Gold is good. Leprechauns  kick ass. And drinking and auctioning responsibly is key to keeping your eye on your gold on St. Patrick's day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Much <3
Drink and Auction Responsibly 
(i don't wanna hear about any drunken spending splurges in the AH this year)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hate Mail - "Hey, thanks!"

From: ??????????
Subject: Hey, thanks!

I won't buy any of your wildly expensive armor for transmog (although kudos on figuring out that roleplayers will buy), but browsing through the AH and seeing pieces you've put up for sale has given me some great ideas for transmog sets.  So, thanks for the ideas!

-you are most welcome have a nice day =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week In Gold - Spending Your Time Wisely

Week In Gold

Spending Your Time Wisely

Thursday, March 08, 2012 - Update for Journey to Gold Cap

Story Time

 The amount of gold i am making daily has started to increase much more. I still spend about 10k a day on investments but i receive about 20-30k a day. Now most of you are probably asking yourself, why have you been posting such small blog titles and not a lot of information this past week? I can answer that quite simply. I have been building up to my main post of the week. I started a blog post because of Powerword: Gold (http://www.powerwordgold.net/) which i started reading and listening to over a year ago. Now they are running a full on operation with live-streams, podcast's  and a huge blog site all based on making gold in World of Warcraft. I really want to share my insights and knowledge of making gold as well and other topics in the future since i have played World of Warcraft for over 2 years now, just like Powerword: Gold did. Yes, i am a Wrath baby, and my main other than the Warlock that took me 1 year to level to 80, is a Death Knight which i love dearly. But yeah i just wanted to let you that every week there will be a main post about what i have done to make what i made in gold.

Weekly Routine and tips for making gold:

The Shuffle Lives On

 Enough boring talk about me and my poor excuse for short blogs during the week, let's talk about what i did to make gold this week. First of all i have been non stop buying as much Elementium Ore as i can as long as the price was lower than what i can make from Gems, Jewelry, Enchant mats and Enchanting Scrolls. I am going to recap why i still "Shuffle" and why i use Elementium vs Obsidium Ore as well as what i do exactly when i shuffle and what professions i have exactly. First, i have Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Enchanting and Tailoring. The more Elementium ore i buy the more common and rare gems i end up with. I don't have an Alchemist so that is one reason why buying Obsidium ore is not an option because i have no way to Transmute Carnelians to Inferno Ruby's. So my shuffle consists of Prospecting the ore then cutting my rare gems that make more than roughly 50g (Inferno Ruby goes for 230g each on my server still). I take my common gems and i make Jewelry if the prices are low enough so that i would make more Disenchanting the items than selling the raw common gems. Greater Celestial Essence has been the money maker next to Inferno Ruby's but now i have been pondering about what to do with all this Hypnotic Dust that everyone else complains about being overstocked, so i searched what Hypnotic Dust is used for and as we all know you need 15 for Embersilk bags but the price of Embersilk Cloth is too high to be worth selling bags.

 I thought about this and realized that sitting in the AH is boring and i'm already going out looking for rares for Transmogrification while i do Archaeology and search for Treasure Chests and and Hatchling nests. So, i decided i would head out to Deepholm where the Troggs and Dwarfs fight eachother and found since i am a Warlock with AOE, a Tailor for increased chance of cloth drop and a Treasure Potion for more cloth and extra gold and random other items to sell or disenchant. I spend 1 hour a day farming this cloth after spending 2 hours doing my routine each day. I come out with 3-5 Embersilk bags worth of Embersilk Cloth per hour depending on how hard i dedicate my time to focus on what im doing. Embersilk Bags sell for 300-500g for me on my server so 15 Hypnotic Dust just turned into 400g and an hour of my time.


 My Transmogrification sales have been not so great all week until the last day or 2. I have had to get rid of belts and bracers and most gloves and boots as well. I had to change prices from 500-1,500 gold to 50-375g and it is still profit and sales and it does add up but it's not what others have been making. But that is ok, i don't spend all that time on the AH now trying to make Transmogrification sales, i am spending my time researching or farming or crafting/destroying to make much much more gold.


 I have been spending an hour as apart of my daily routine farming rare spawns in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor (yes, that includes Blasted Lands which is a great map for rare spawns). When im in Kalimdor i go out of my way from rare spawns to dig up Archaeology spots to get more chances at Uldum Digs for the Tol'vir artifacts which sell for 1,000 gold on my server on top of that you get vendor items that can go for quite a lot of gold. I have been hitting up 4 spots on both maps as well for Hatchling Nests which contain pets that sell from 200-1,000g each.


 In conclusion i have found that i can make about 10-20k a day now doing my routine. If you have any questions or comments leave them below and let me know what you think.

I want your input...

I want your input...

Auction House Addon Import/Export Code for Shopping Lists and Category/Groups

 Ok so we all keep looking up new shopping lists and groups for Auctionator and TSM and i feel it is a pain even though i am working on my own but it isn't pefect. What i want is simple. Leave a comment here with a link to something you found that is related to gold making and import/export of addon code for programs like TSM (TradeskillMaster) or Auctionator. I will set up a seperate page and keep updating lists, groups and other import/export options for auction house addons, based on what you leave for links here. (yes i do make sure i reference back to authors of all information that was not originally thought of by me as much as i can).

 The Consortium is a great place to search for such lists and is for the most part all there but in different forum links. I would like to see all updated lists that my viewers/readers use here on one site, one page. help me out and i'll help you out.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Journey to Gold Cap

Journey to Gold Cap

Keep coming back to get updated on my status for "Journey to Gold Cap".

 This is my first time trying to make gold cap so i will see if i can really actually do it and as i post new ideas you will see what works and what doesn't, what got me to Gold Cap. I don't want to hide anything or mis-inform my readers or possible competition. I am working on youtube content and will have my Twitch.tv up and running soon so you can come and see me as i try to hit Gold Cap.

Eternal Fire's from Frozo the Renowned

Shannon's Simple Shenanigans

Eternal Fire's from Frozo the Renowned

 Hello again and thanks for stopping by to check out this quick tip to make a few extra gold coming to an end of a funky expansion. These Eternal Fire have been, since Wrath came out, a means for people that have a hard time to make gold, make gold easily. This time the price is off the charts and i found that those beautiful  Titansteel Shield Wall's are made with of course Titansteel Bar's and since we are going to be talking about Frozo my favorite Frozen Orb Trader who indeed sells various Elemental items from Wrath in Dalaran one of these items are Eternal Fire as well as Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow but as long as i can remember the Fire have always sold for much more possibly because it's more of a pain to farm or for whatever reason this item is sell fast and i am currently still rising the price of them im at 70g each and im buying the Frozen Orbs for around 20g each. If you are a Blacksmith i recomend making these shields as they are currently going for 3k gold on my server. 

 I hope this little tip was helpful and useful. Please remember to sign up for my blog to get more tips as i come up with them and as always remember to check the side bar on the right to see my friends in the gold making community for more tips and strategies to making gold. 

 If you have any questions be sure to send them to me:

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival"

Well it appears this is my first rodeo, but it seemed quite interesting and fun so here is my submission for the "Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival", enjoy.

 If i started over as a gold maker i would indeed make some changes to how i started. I would first do research on my server and get information such as population, realm type and trends for my server. I would definitely start off by widening my horizons, meaning if you stick to one main gold making idea you are limiting yourself and wasting time. I have learned that keeping it versatile in a variety of markets is key to gaining profit. The reason is you don't want to get right into large markets till you have a large amount of gold saved up. I would be sitting at a million gold easy right now, but instead every time i would hit 20k or 30k i would start trying to flip epics or i would go all out gearing my raiding toon and in result would be back to a few thousand gold limiting myself to making gold as much as i could be. Thanks for giving me the time to talk about this topic. It was actually fun to think about it. =)

Diary of a Gold Maker: Think for yourself

Think For Yourself

 Hello all you eager to make gold or you filthy rich gold makers out there. I have something to say that should ring some bells for more experienced gold makers and hopefully shake some brain cells for new eager to make gold players. I know that starting out with little or no gold is hard, and it really isn't as easy as some people say it is, but sometimes it is easier. I am bringing up this long and boring but helpful topic because of the large mainstream popularity of selling transmogrification items. Not everyone is going to make the amount of gold that some people are reporting. I would like to point out that those that are reporting this amount and trying to help others make the same amount to what you are doing should be aware that there are many variables involved.

 You ever see that blog about gold making and say to yourself, "WOW, that is amazing i can do that and make all the gold i want in the world!!!!" Let's stop for a second and logically think about this idea. First we need to always remember and think about the fact that we all play on different servers. Different servers mean many different results will occur such as, a PVP server with high population will have the Tailoring PVP gear much more often stocked on the AH meaning it will be lower priced, which can also cause Heavenly Shard prices to decrease from large competition. This shows that because of the server type it effects several items differently then other types. I don't really want to go into several explanations so hopefully that gives you a better idea of what im talking about in general now.

 So basically when you decide to look up a way to make gold or you just don't know how to start making gold in general i want you to stop and first keep in mind that these blogs and articles aren't going to teach you to do exactly what they are blogging about, but rather give you a large overview of what they are talking about. I love explanations because like im trying to explain in this blog post, not everyone is the same. Now like i said im not just talking to the people trying to learn how to make gold but to the the ones that already have plenty of gold and like to teach others how to make gold. People aren't going to "Learn" if you tell them exactly how to make gold, but when you teach them how to make gold they should, in theory, by the end of all that is presented understand topic and conclusion of the topic.

 Am i boring you yet? Then maybe you aren't ready to make large amounts of gold, because what im saying is you have to find out more than what these people are teaching you. You have to find out if your server sells whatever it was that is that is the main topic and if it sells well or for as much as the average server sells it for. You have to see if the topic you learned is popular on your server. So on and so on.

 In conclusion i would like to point out that all these blogs and sites really do have great topics and great ways to make gold, but you have to understand that you have to apply your situation and circumstances into the equation of what you are being taught. I would like to point out that bloggers should try to make this a point one way or another in their posts of each topic so that the viewer doesn't feel disappointed when the idea to make gold you taught in your post didn't work.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shannon's Simplified Shenanigans

This is a short post basically a reference point to import Keelhaul's Transmogrification picks into a TSM shopping list. No tier's as we can still use his website for reference to the tiers. This my friends is simply one hunk of code i got from Raistlan of US-Proudmoore(A) on the Consortium forums of http://stormspire.net. The code i noticed had some faults such as if you copy and pasted it you would end up with spaces in the numbers making TSM skip the item and move on and possibly miss other items as well, so i just took every number and made one huge shopping list with no errors. So make sure to check out Keelhaul's website for more information on the breakdown of "Tiers" of his opinion on the hierarchy of basically a pricing guide to use as reference. I will be coming out with actual fun stuff that i want to cover soon....(be patient)

TSM Shopping List for Cloth, Mail and Plate combined into one simpile search (enjoy #winkwinknudgenudge):

(if you ever copy and paste from a forum put the code into a notepad type program and simply doubleclick the lines of code if it doesn't highlight all of it you found a break in the code and then fix it accordingly)

Check out the Consortium on Stormspire for more information and check out Keelhaul's Website, Disenchanting Azeroth for a reference to his amazing "eye" for color and design, which created this hierarchy of the 3 types of gear for a reference to pricing the gear sets.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Shuffle lives on...

The Shuffle lives on to see another day!

Jewel Crafting - Prospecting Elementium Ore

So i have not done any shuffling in a while and i thought i would check the Auction House to see what it was like still. I grabbed the prices on average by what i saw on my Auction House and then i went to The Undermine Journal https://theunderminejournal.com/ to check how prices have been doing and if anything could have made any recent changes. At the time i bought out only 30 stacks of Elementium Ore at 80 gold each (2,400 gold/ 120 prospects of 600 Elementium Ore. I checked prices on raw gems of Cataclysm Common and Rare gems same way i did on the ore. I found that (not going to fully bore you) i could make 1400g profit. As i have learned from Jim Younkin @  http://www.powerwordgold.net/ , he also streams live now with great ideas and tips http://www.twitch.tv/jimyounkin , feel free to follow him if you haven't already. You cannot predict the Auction House so the profit is not set as gems can change for many reasons especially if you flood the market. Flooding the market means over filling the Auction House with too many of said items causing new posts from others to be forced to undercut and the more you post the longer that price stays on the Auction House till if expires of course. I actually did pretty well. The next day i decided to do it again and found there was a flooding of Elementium Ore so prices dropped by a lot. I started grabbing them out, but too many were coming in so i talked to my competitors on my server to try and watch the Gem prices and to pick up any flooded/inflated prices on the gems and also on the enchant mats. We succeeded and i left a ticket for Blizzard because i had a feeling it was a bot doing it and someones account was most likely getting hacked. 


This is the ticket description:
Kailandewey is flooding the AH with elementium ore. I just checked his armory and he has already been deleted. Did you guys end this or is he still around somehow? This is in my mind a bot and something went wrong with the programming or it's a joke. either way im trying to start a blog about gold making and this confused me cause it isn't normal.

Blizzards response:
Thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry that I was not able to speak with you directly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to report this player to us.  In this type of situation, a majority of these guys are gold farmers that steal other people's accounts to do pretty nasty things, like bot and hack to farm instances and mats.  You have most likely just saved another player's account from further damage, so thank you so much for not only letting us know so that we can get the hackers out of the game, but for protecting your fellow player.  You're the best!  <3

       Live long, and prosper!

I felt like Superman or Batman for the day =)

Anyways, i found a great spreadsheet today on Elementiium Ore shuffling on The Consortium @ http://stormspire.net/addons-ui-customization/1563-consortium-cataclysm-shuffling-spreadsheet-v4-5-a.html 
It isn't really needed all you need to do is shuffle for a while and you will get use to knowing when to buy ore and when to sell raw gems, cut gems and enchant mats from the Jewel Crafting.

This is my level 29 Warrior equipped with the best i could do. I would love to hear what your opinion is on the gear. 

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Treasure Chest and Rare Spawns

There be gold in them there treasures!

Now as many of you might have suspected that when you find a rare spawn half the time it is near a treasure chest if you use Gathermate2 and NPCscan addons.
 I have been spending the past week using this idea that treasure chests and rare spawns have a descent chance to drop or have pretty good mogging items that some consider the more higher quality items. Feel free to check out www.powerwordgold.net 's link (http://www.powerwordgold.net/2012/02/how-to-reset-your-npcscan-cache.html) on reseting npcscan's creature cache to easier find rare mobs you found previously.