Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Shuffle lives on...

The Shuffle lives on to see another day!

Jewel Crafting - Prospecting Elementium Ore

So i have not done any shuffling in a while and i thought i would check the Auction House to see what it was like still. I grabbed the prices on average by what i saw on my Auction House and then i went to The Undermine Journal to check how prices have been doing and if anything could have made any recent changes. At the time i bought out only 30 stacks of Elementium Ore at 80 gold each (2,400 gold/ 120 prospects of 600 Elementium Ore. I checked prices on raw gems of Cataclysm Common and Rare gems same way i did on the ore. I found that (not going to fully bore you) i could make 1400g profit. As i have learned from Jim Younkin @ , he also streams live now with great ideas and tips , feel free to follow him if you haven't already. You cannot predict the Auction House so the profit is not set as gems can change for many reasons especially if you flood the market. Flooding the market means over filling the Auction House with too many of said items causing new posts from others to be forced to undercut and the more you post the longer that price stays on the Auction House till if expires of course. I actually did pretty well. The next day i decided to do it again and found there was a flooding of Elementium Ore so prices dropped by a lot. I started grabbing them out, but too many were coming in so i talked to my competitors on my server to try and watch the Gem prices and to pick up any flooded/inflated prices on the gems and also on the enchant mats. We succeeded and i left a ticket for Blizzard because i had a feeling it was a bot doing it and someones account was most likely getting hacked. 


This is the ticket description:
Kailandewey is flooding the AH with elementium ore. I just checked his armory and he has already been deleted. Did you guys end this or is he still around somehow? This is in my mind a bot and something went wrong with the programming or it's a joke. either way im trying to start a blog about gold making and this confused me cause it isn't normal.

Blizzards response:
Thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry that I was not able to speak with you directly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to report this player to us.  In this type of situation, a majority of these guys are gold farmers that steal other people's accounts to do pretty nasty things, like bot and hack to farm instances and mats.  You have most likely just saved another player's account from further damage, so thank you so much for not only letting us know so that we can get the hackers out of the game, but for protecting your fellow player.  You're the best!  <3

       Live long, and prosper!

I felt like Superman or Batman for the day =)

Anyways, i found a great spreadsheet today on Elementiium Ore shuffling on The Consortium @ 
It isn't really needed all you need to do is shuffle for a while and you will get use to knowing when to buy ore and when to sell raw gems, cut gems and enchant mats from the Jewel Crafting.

This is my level 29 Warrior equipped with the best i could do. I would love to hear what your opinion is on the gear. 


  1. When you get more into this you will be able to buy in bulk when things are cheap hold them and then sell them when they peak in price. At the end of Jan ore was as low as 18g/stack on my realm in large amounts, i bought lots and just held it until prices went up,i only have have 1000 stacks left and ore is 200g/stack. Similar thing happen in herbs aswell some people on my realm just make gold flipping raw mats, on the day of patch 4.3 whiptail was 9g/stack now its 40g/stack.

  2. I actually had this happen the next day but it was the bot/hacker that caused it. i still have over a hundred stacks of ore and i am building flip lists while keeping this insane shuffle going. i forgot to mention as well that the transmogging is causing Enchant mats to rise so my profits are sky rocketing. Thank you for your input. I will be posting more soon with something fairly new/different this week. I am exited.