Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diary of a Gold Maker: Think for yourself

Think For Yourself

 Hello all you eager to make gold or you filthy rich gold makers out there. I have something to say that should ring some bells for more experienced gold makers and hopefully shake some brain cells for new eager to make gold players. I know that starting out with little or no gold is hard, and it really isn't as easy as some people say it is, but sometimes it is easier. I am bringing up this long and boring but helpful topic because of the large mainstream popularity of selling transmogrification items. Not everyone is going to make the amount of gold that some people are reporting. I would like to point out that those that are reporting this amount and trying to help others make the same amount to what you are doing should be aware that there are many variables involved.

 You ever see that blog about gold making and say to yourself, "WOW, that is amazing i can do that and make all the gold i want in the world!!!!" Let's stop for a second and logically think about this idea. First we need to always remember and think about the fact that we all play on different servers. Different servers mean many different results will occur such as, a PVP server with high population will have the Tailoring PVP gear much more often stocked on the AH meaning it will be lower priced, which can also cause Heavenly Shard prices to decrease from large competition. This shows that because of the server type it effects several items differently then other types. I don't really want to go into several explanations so hopefully that gives you a better idea of what im talking about in general now.

 So basically when you decide to look up a way to make gold or you just don't know how to start making gold in general i want you to stop and first keep in mind that these blogs and articles aren't going to teach you to do exactly what they are blogging about, but rather give you a large overview of what they are talking about. I love explanations because like im trying to explain in this blog post, not everyone is the same. Now like i said im not just talking to the people trying to learn how to make gold but to the the ones that already have plenty of gold and like to teach others how to make gold. People aren't going to "Learn" if you tell them exactly how to make gold, but when you teach them how to make gold they should, in theory, by the end of all that is presented understand topic and conclusion of the topic.

 Am i boring you yet? Then maybe you aren't ready to make large amounts of gold, because what im saying is you have to find out more than what these people are teaching you. You have to find out if your server sells whatever it was that is that is the main topic and if it sells well or for as much as the average server sells it for. You have to see if the topic you learned is popular on your server. So on and so on.

 In conclusion i would like to point out that all these blogs and sites really do have great topics and great ways to make gold, but you have to understand that you have to apply your situation and circumstances into the equation of what you are being taught. I would like to point out that bloggers should try to make this a point one way or another in their posts of each topic so that the viewer doesn't feel disappointed when the idea to make gold you taught in your post didn't work.  

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