Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eternal Fire's from Frozo the Renowned

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Eternal Fire's from Frozo the Renowned

 Hello again and thanks for stopping by to check out this quick tip to make a few extra gold coming to an end of a funky expansion. These Eternal Fire have been, since Wrath came out, a means for people that have a hard time to make gold, make gold easily. This time the price is off the charts and i found that those beautiful  Titansteel Shield Wall's are made with of course Titansteel Bar's and since we are going to be talking about Frozo my favorite Frozen Orb Trader who indeed sells various Elemental items from Wrath in Dalaran one of these items are Eternal Fire as well as Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow but as long as i can remember the Fire have always sold for much more possibly because it's more of a pain to farm or for whatever reason this item is sell fast and i am currently still rising the price of them im at 70g each and im buying the Frozen Orbs for around 20g each. If you are a Blacksmith i recomend making these shields as they are currently going for 3k gold on my server. 

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