Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival"

Well it appears this is my first rodeo, but it seemed quite interesting and fun so here is my submission for the "Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival", enjoy.

 If i started over as a gold maker i would indeed make some changes to how i started. I would first do research on my server and get information such as population, realm type and trends for my server. I would definitely start off by widening my horizons, meaning if you stick to one main gold making idea you are limiting yourself and wasting time. I have learned that keeping it versatile in a variety of markets is key to gaining profit. The reason is you don't want to get right into large markets till you have a large amount of gold saved up. I would be sitting at a million gold easy right now, but instead every time i would hit 20k or 30k i would start trying to flip epics or i would go all out gearing my raiding toon and in result would be back to a few thousand gold limiting myself to making gold as much as i could be. Thanks for giving me the time to talk about this topic. It was actually fun to think about it. =)

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  1. Chaning up things mid stream when you have some things going for you is hard... I think many fail at the big goals for a tendancy to fall into old paterns and habits. Or not having only one toon to focus on/with. Its also that first toon and the singular focus that can teach you many priciples of your server by not being to spread out... You get a chance to learn things about tendancies on the server that are easily overlooked or forgoten about when you are spread across many markets and focusing on the width of your business rather than the depth...