Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mists Of Pandaria Hype - What You Can Do

Mists Of Pandaria Hype 
What You Can Do  

My Thoughts on Mists of Pandaria press release of March 19 @ 3am.

 I honestly didn't see a whole lot that was interesting for gold makers. I suppose AOE loot system is going to make things easier and we know many are going to start leveling classes like Druids so maybe make a little extra on glyphs before MoP comes. I think that they presented a lot of information about MoP and it is all very exiting, such as the farm we will have of our own with our own little shack to live in, lol. The farm is very nice and you can plant items for cooking and consumables and they are thinking of letting you grow "pets" in the garden.

I would like to ad that preparing for MoP does not necessarily mean stockpile. (edit)

 What you should know. MoP is close now, so we need to prepare for it and we have some good ideas on how to prepare for it.

  • Profession leveling kits
  • Gear/Weapon enhancements for leveling characters
  • Glyphs
  • Bags
  • Leveling your own toons and getting the professions you have wanted.
 These are a few things we can do to be ready for MoP. Profession leveling kits can be gathered up and held on to till MoP launches, this kit will contain everything needed to fully level said profession. (jack those prices up too). Item enhancements such as leather working armor, enchants, gems for low level gear and weapons as many will be leveling. While we are talking about leveling don't forget to be ready for the Glyph rush which will be insane. I wouldn't recommend diving into glyph market till you know what you are doing as many are already in the market and it is a cut throat section to be apart of, so go test your skills now. Bags!!!! This is and has been a great way to liquidize your gold you currently have such as materials for making bags or holding onto the actual bags themselves which can save you some room, but take risk of materials being sold better or for more later on.

 This is a great time to level your own character('s) and prepare for MoP if you don't have all professions or would like to have an extra alchemist (which is viable if you have all other professions, but i find silly). 

 I think MoP is exiting and we have lots to do, but as far as new strategies or ways to make gold i am at a road block with what we were given for information. If you liked reading and would like to continue to read my blog posts or watch my live-streams just follow by subscribing to my blog's feed which i will begin leaving an xml version of my feed at the end of all posts. Have a great day and please leave a comment below with complaints, concerns, questions or telling me how amazing i am.


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  1. Shannon,

    The only issue with stockpiling glyphs is that right now, Primes are being dismissed in MoP.

    I would be wary stockpiling most items until we see what is happening in the beta, then it's all out hoarding.... =)


  2. I guess i should have been specific i meant these areas to focus on in preparing, i wouldn't suggest stockpiling everything you see on my list i was just saying prepare. Get all glyphs learned, more or less.

  3. On your original post (before your edit), I musta jumped to conclusions, as when I saw "stockpile" I just assumed you meant to stockpile. =)