Friday, June 22, 2012

Farming To Increase Profits

Farming To Increase Profits

During the time i have played wow as a gold maker i have found that crafting can be profitable and using addons to find out how much you should pay for each mat to make the most profit out of what you are crafting. I realized that some of the addons were very useful but i found myself sitting at the AH all day buying mats to craft more and more. I still have lots of mats sitting in my multiple banks awaiting my return so that i may use them to craft or sell in bulk as raw materials at a profitable margin.

This brings me to the part where i get out of the AH and the city and decide i need to stop spending so much especially for a  % of profit. What if..i know this sounds crazy and all but, what if i farmed the mats i needed to make all those scrolls and all those gems and all those glyphs or whatever it is i want to craft to make a few extra copper. Crazy i know, but it just so happens to work and it's not as bad as it sounds.  farming = (100% profit)  -  (time it took you) + (gold saved sitting at ah finding deals on mats). this is not a formula i would use in any strict manner but hey, looks good to me. When you return to the AH and you craft everything and get it all up on the AH you can spend that time you sit on the AH worrying about prices on mats, out and about farming up what is needed to keep the high profits coming in.

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to buy mats off the AH, but i am saying that you can save gold and increase profits by getting out and exploring Azeroth by farming.

If you have any great farming spots you would like share please leave a comment with what material it is and where it can be farmed at, along with any other details you can give such as where you got your info or possible requirements for said farming spots.

A few farming spots i can think of is for starters, Silithus which not only has some great rare spawns to farm transmog gear on the entire map but North West corner at The Crystal Vale, where you can kill air elementals to get Essence of Air which is needed for enchanting to make the BOA,  [Enchanting: Enchant Weapon - Agility]. I also enjoy taking a treasure potion and farming in Uldum just west of where you spawn from taking the portal over at Orsis where many air elementals are located. It is a really nice place to farm Volatile Earth at. Both of these materials i have mentioned can be produced by using an Alchemist's Transmutes however the Water to Air transmute is a waste in my opinion unless you have multiple Alchemists as it uses up your daily cooldown on transmute. The Volatile Air can be obtained from  [Alchemy: Transmute: Living Elements] by taking 15 Volatile Life and casting your transmute: living elements while on the map of Uldum however you will only get about 15 each time sometimes more sometimes less. I feel this is another waste as i can farm up 40-50+ Volatile Air in one hour of farming at Orsis.

I hope you enjoyed this short tid bit on farming for profit. If you enjoyed it and would like to see me in motion and hard at... *cough cough* work you can find me streaming once in a while at Make sure to leave a comment and follow my blog here on and to follow me as well on and as well @shannonlasell. Thanks and have a great day/night.

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