Thursday, March 8, 2012

I want your input...

I want your input...

Auction House Addon Import/Export Code for Shopping Lists and Category/Groups

 Ok so we all keep looking up new shopping lists and groups for Auctionator and TSM and i feel it is a pain even though i am working on my own but it isn't pefect. What i want is simple. Leave a comment here with a link to something you found that is related to gold making and import/export of addon code for programs like TSM (TradeskillMaster) or Auctionator. I will set up a seperate page and keep updating lists, groups and other import/export options for auction house addons, based on what you leave for links here. (yes i do make sure i reference back to authors of all information that was not originally thought of by me as much as i can).

 The Consortium is a great place to search for such lists and is for the most part all there but in different forum links. I would like to see all updated lists that my viewers/readers use here on one site, one page. help me out and i'll help you out.

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