Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transmog Shopping List's For TSM

Transmog Shopping List's For TSM (Trade Skill Master) Addon

Some items in the code are from Faid and some are from the Keelhaul tier list made for Auctionator i put into a TSM list properly. If any questions or concerns please feel free to comment and tell your friends about how amazing and good looking i am.

How to import shopping lists in TSM:

Step 1: open TSM ( /tsm) and click on Shopping Options
Step 2: Click Shopping Lists to open the import settings on the left side of TSM

Step 3: Click on the Import Shopping List button and input the code i have given below into the required field and name it accordingly.

Step 4: Press accept in both fields and press the import button to complete the import process.

Step 5: Browse through the list to see what you want to remove.

Step 6:  If you have a lot of competition on your server for Transmogrification you might want to stick to only Legs and Chest pieces so going through this list and removing items might be more beneficial other wise keep it the way it is and just buy what you want once you search.

Step 7: Now go to the Auction House and open the TSM tab on the far bottom right. At the top you will see a button called "Show Saved Searches" click that to open your lists you have either created or imported. Now just click the list name in the window frame "Shopping/Dealfinding Lists" to begin searching for your beautiful shiny treasures. 


Leather Transmog Shopping List:

Cloth Transmog Shopping List:

Mail Transmog Shopping List:

Plate Transmog Shopping List:

Weapons & Shield Shopping List:


  1. Pure awesomeness with these! Totally love you right now!

  2. thnx alot for these list
    helped me out alot