Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week In Gold - Spending Your Time Wisely

Week In Gold

Spending Your Time Wisely

Thursday, March 08, 2012 - Update for Journey to Gold Cap

Story Time

 The amount of gold i am making daily has started to increase much more. I still spend about 10k a day on investments but i receive about 20-30k a day. Now most of you are probably asking yourself, why have you been posting such small blog titles and not a lot of information this past week? I can answer that quite simply. I have been building up to my main post of the week. I started a blog post because of Powerword: Gold ( which i started reading and listening to over a year ago. Now they are running a full on operation with live-streams, podcast's  and a huge blog site all based on making gold in World of Warcraft. I really want to share my insights and knowledge of making gold as well and other topics in the future since i have played World of Warcraft for over 2 years now, just like Powerword: Gold did. Yes, i am a Wrath baby, and my main other than the Warlock that took me 1 year to level to 80, is a Death Knight which i love dearly. But yeah i just wanted to let you that every week there will be a main post about what i have done to make what i made in gold.

Weekly Routine and tips for making gold:

The Shuffle Lives On

 Enough boring talk about me and my poor excuse for short blogs during the week, let's talk about what i did to make gold this week. First of all i have been non stop buying as much Elementium Ore as i can as long as the price was lower than what i can make from Gems, Jewelry, Enchant mats and Enchanting Scrolls. I am going to recap why i still "Shuffle" and why i use Elementium vs Obsidium Ore as well as what i do exactly when i shuffle and what professions i have exactly. First, i have Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Enchanting and Tailoring. The more Elementium ore i buy the more common and rare gems i end up with. I don't have an Alchemist so that is one reason why buying Obsidium ore is not an option because i have no way to Transmute Carnelians to Inferno Ruby's. So my shuffle consists of Prospecting the ore then cutting my rare gems that make more than roughly 50g (Inferno Ruby goes for 230g each on my server still). I take my common gems and i make Jewelry if the prices are low enough so that i would make more Disenchanting the items than selling the raw common gems. Greater Celestial Essence has been the money maker next to Inferno Ruby's but now i have been pondering about what to do with all this Hypnotic Dust that everyone else complains about being overstocked, so i searched what Hypnotic Dust is used for and as we all know you need 15 for Embersilk bags but the price of Embersilk Cloth is too high to be worth selling bags.

 I thought about this and realized that sitting in the AH is boring and i'm already going out looking for rares for Transmogrification while i do Archaeology and search for Treasure Chests and and Hatchling nests. So, i decided i would head out to Deepholm where the Troggs and Dwarfs fight eachother and found since i am a Warlock with AOE, a Tailor for increased chance of cloth drop and a Treasure Potion for more cloth and extra gold and random other items to sell or disenchant. I spend 1 hour a day farming this cloth after spending 2 hours doing my routine each day. I come out with 3-5 Embersilk bags worth of Embersilk Cloth per hour depending on how hard i dedicate my time to focus on what im doing. Embersilk Bags sell for 300-500g for me on my server so 15 Hypnotic Dust just turned into 400g and an hour of my time.


 My Transmogrification sales have been not so great all week until the last day or 2. I have had to get rid of belts and bracers and most gloves and boots as well. I had to change prices from 500-1,500 gold to 50-375g and it is still profit and sales and it does add up but it's not what others have been making. But that is ok, i don't spend all that time on the AH now trying to make Transmogrification sales, i am spending my time researching or farming or crafting/destroying to make much much more gold.


 I have been spending an hour as apart of my daily routine farming rare spawns in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor (yes, that includes Blasted Lands which is a great map for rare spawns). When im in Kalimdor i go out of my way from rare spawns to dig up Archaeology spots to get more chances at Uldum Digs for the Tol'vir artifacts which sell for 1,000 gold on my server on top of that you get vendor items that can go for quite a lot of gold. I have been hitting up 4 spots on both maps as well for Hatchling Nests which contain pets that sell from 200-1,000g each.


 In conclusion i have found that i can make about 10-20k a day now doing my routine. If you have any questions or comments leave them below and let me know what you think.


  1. Have you ever considered dropping your engineer for a more lucrative profession? I have an engineer and I wouldn't switch it out but she's on of my 7 80+ crafters I have at my disposal. Just wondering if you ever considered dropping it.

    Really enjoyed this post something I really like doing on my blog is my Week in Review posts, and I can tell from your post that you enjoyed writing it!

    Last comment - I could never get into making bags, don't know what it is, but the only time I really used it as an income source is in Wrath when all I had was tailoring/enchanting.

  2. The shuffle got me from 100k to 400k earlier in Cata and I was one of the "Big 4" Gem sellers on my realm.

    Your talking about it so much got me into doing it again, starting on a smaller scale.

  3. I actually did drop Engineering for about 5 months but to be honest i like it too much to ever drop it again. It helps with Raiding and PVP as well. I will never drop a profession i enjoy for profit. I am earning gold a descent rate ant that rate has been increasing so im happy. I am working on some new ideas and will have 3rd 85 soon. I might transfer my 85 priest over too, not sure. I am content with what i have either way though.

  4. The shuffle works so well and doesn't take too much time for me not to do it. with all the other little things i do on the AH it just makes it so much easier to make gold.