Saturday, March 17, 2012

Journey To Gold Cap

Journey To Gold Cap

 So i have gotten past the 100k barrier, but i found myself handing myself my own achievement and to celebrate i showed off and handed out gold left and right. I could easily be at 150k or even 200k right now. But i have learned another good lesson in Gold Making and currency management in general. I actually think this game with some alterations could help the younger people get a somewhat simple idea of money management. Not saying it will be the greatest lesson but i know i found a similarity in Gold Making and trying to make it in the real world as a self employer living home alone barely making things work out to start my own home based income sources. I learned that always be versatile and stick with what works for you. If you do what everyone else does it's not gonna be the best way to sell or make a living in Azeroth or iRL.

 I will be posting more of my adventures in the Auction House as i learn more about the in game economy and how many things effect how it turns out. Be sure to subscribe to my live-stream at shannonlasell/ and subscribe to my Blog Feed and follow me on Twitter @shannonlasell. If you like my posts or live-streams let me know why you do or don't. I love feedback and want to educate and entertain everyone, my way.

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