Saturday, March 17, 2012

Me Pot O' Gold

Me Pot O' Gold

 Back with some more Shenanigans this time on St. Patrick's Day! How exiting is that do be reading my gold making tips on St. Patrick's Day? Because of this special occasion i would just like to point out that if you want to find that gold and your precious pot of gold, we all know what the real trick is, get your own pot o' gold and leave me' treasure alone. What does this have to do with what I'm writing about? Silly question, but i will answer that for you. World of Warcraft currency as many of us know is gold and the more we get the more we don't like to have others find the end of the rainbow, so to speak. But, many of times we find ourselves having issues reaching our goals we set each time we reach a previous goal. So we are going to talk about how to invest your pot of gold wisely and how to keep it hidden from others in order to reach our goals as leprechauns .

  So you enjoy your pot o' gold do ya? Have you found a way to make more gold than you are use to having? Do i ask too many questions that i answer before you have a chance to even communicate with me? OK, now your just being silly. I want to talk about investing gold wisely. If you have been doing well making gold in a specific market or 2-5, how ever many markets you are involved in, i want you to remember how you got to that goal you set for yourself. A lot of people get distracted by the large amount of gold when they first earn that 100k or 500k and either spend it outright, give it away to friends or guildies or think that now they can invest in new markets that have items that cost much more, like rare mounts and pets or other rare items such as WoW TCG loot cards, etc. Do you know these markets? If not i would advise you to do some of your own math and research before starting any new major projects involving your hard earned gold. I want to talk about those that you feel obligated to give away free gold to because you know them or like them or in any way shape or form feel guilty that you have enough gold to get whatever you want and they can't. This is a misconception and is why it is a good idea to keep your pot o' gold hidden and safe, since we leprechauns love our gold so much. (you totally read that with an Irish accent didn't you?)

 I recently pushed my ability to make gold harder by using all markets i know and working them all little by little together to earn large amounts of gold at once. I didn't go sell a TCG card or buy gold or run a farming bot. I basically used 3 main professions and craft/destroy items to maximize my profits and time trying to earn them. Now that i have spent a few weeks working at it i ended up at around 110k+ gold. I am telling you all this as some might already know, i have started giving away gold, making large gold bets with people and trying to get into large markets that require more gold to get into that i don't know enough about still. I might actually have 200k+ gold after a few weeks if i hadn't been so foolish.

 What have we learned today? Gold is good. Leprechauns  kick ass. And drinking and auctioning responsibly is key to keeping your eye on your gold on St. Patrick's day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Much <3
Drink and Auction Responsibly 
(i don't wanna hear about any drunken spending splurges in the AH this year)

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