Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's New In Gold Making for MoP?

What's New In Gold Making for MoP?


I have been struggling with leveling a Death Knight and gearing him for PVP and Raiding while leveling my warlock who was moved to a new server alone with only Enchanting and Tailoring. My Death Knight hs some other lvl 85 toons to help make gold. The real trick is to get all your craters to level 90 though. 

My main gold maker honestly is Tailoring and Enchanting. I am still forced to farm the Embersilk since hte price is so high due to the need for bags. the best and cheapest/easiest bags to get for the quantity of items you can fit in inventory and banks are Embersilk Bags and Illusionary Bags. Now the Illusionary Bags aren't so bad because you can make as many Dream Cloth as you want with Chaos Orbs since the Destruction Dream Cloth has no CD. The cloth is easily farmed with a Potion of Treasure Finding which these days are cheap and easy to make as well. the bags on my server sell for about 2.5k gold to 4k gold. Embersilk Bags themselves sell for around 300g-400g. Now as a Tailor you have access to an endless supply of cheap as hell Windwool Cloth which can be used to create all sorts of greens to D/E for Enchanting materials which can be used to sell raw or make enchant scrolls. I suggest doint some research on all mat prices and finished crafted items before deciding what to sell and at what price.

My inscriptionist is making plenty of the Fortune Cards themselves using a crafty barking method (Advertisement)  i learned from PowerWordGold.net. These "scratch off tickets" sell for about 8-15g each and are easily able to obtain or make for a cheap price. The rest is making sure to learn new glyphs to make while you chekc the market each day to find cheap glyphs to reset the price and make a killing off.

Mining has been helping me out a lot with JC but i haven't done much with it yet, if you have any ideas on what would be helpful with Mining and JC please send me your ideas or links to your blog with the idea.


  1. Thanks to share. I enjoy making gold with tailoring.

    1. Thank you for your time reading and leaving a comment. It means a lot to me since i have been away for quite some time. I am getting my data rounded up and trying to enjoy the game at the same time.

  2. Hmm first to your Mining I advocate getting out now at least that is how it feels on my server. As long as you know when to buy ore costs nearly nothing with ghost iron at 60g and under per stack and kyparite going for 4g each in very good quantities. I hav JC and Mining on my DK who is my only level 90 and I can't really give a solid reason as to why I should keep it.

    The JC market is broken with the only thing that sells reliably at a profit being the mounts and as I literally only manage to sell one of those every 2 weeks and I hesitant to go all in on a fairly large gamble. Half the cuts of rares are at less than 20g and the others are the same price as the raw another headache I would rather avoid.

    I have Spirits of Harmony slowly building up on my DK and I am hesitant to waste learning a new useless gem cut and instead I am seriously considering dropping Mining for Blacksmithing but not before painstakingly running around and putting all the levelling up materials somewhere safe so I don't get price gouged.